Getting there: into Georgia

Taken from “111 reasons to love Georgia”, published in german 2019 by Schwartzkopf Berlin

Sometimes I get the impression that the Georgians make fun of travellers, especially with travelers who are in Georgia for the first time – they are having them on, they are deliberately creating adventures, specializing in involving alcoholic beverages at any times of the day. With a friend from Berlin, who visited me for a week in Georgia, it was no different: While I was quietly pursuing my plans, my friend got completely drunk already in the late morning. Georgians had called him to each and every table, filling up his glas and making him drunk in less then an hour. This resulted in this strangely inspired and constantly alcoholized state, which the Georgians are able to consciously produce amongst their guests. I do not know what will happen to you once you have Georgian soil under your feet, but I know something will happen to you. In a positive sense I mean, because most stories happen on the way from A to B and Georgia is a country rich in stories, your own one should not be missing.

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